Trek to Anjaneri Fort


Anjaneri, an easy night trek, we were told by the arrangers and we started on a Saturday night, taking 11 pm train to Kasara. From Kasara, there was a vehicle to go to base village of Anjaneri Fort. In a pitch dark night, with lot of pure breeze, and with ghost stories, we enjoyed our 2 hrs. road journey. We reached the base village, guides joined us, a short round of intro, with trekking experience of each one of us, and we were briefed about the place. Basically it is 4264 feet above the sea level, birthplace of Hanuman, where he spent his childhood with Anjanidevi, his mother.


We started climbing the fort, initially with broken steps and then with proper long steps, in a dark midnight, with the torch on and with cool breeze of course. After one hour we reached a small plateau, where we rested for a while, where we could see beautiful sky covered thickly with stars. Again we started climbing, by the time it was 4 pm and the beauty of that place started unfolding. There was a small lake having shape of a foot. It is said that its hanumans foot, when we see it from top, it clearly looks like a foot and even fingers. There is also a small cave which has hanumans weapon called gada. Here some part was very narrow to walk and only one person could go at a time.


By the time we reached the top, it was around 5.30-6 a.m. and some of us could take nice pictures of sunrise. It was too cold with wild breeze. There was Anjaneri Mata temple. We got nice hot tea from the only hut we saw there. There were lots of nice photogenic spots.

After spending sometime there we started getting down and got to see natures beauty we had missed in the night. There were many monkeys. We took lots of snaps, group photo. By this time we had known each other a little. After breakfast in the base village, again 2 hrs. road journey and we were on train. In train during the 2 hrs. journey, our leader made us play very interesting game called mafia which we enjoyed to the core. Thus this trek was very memorable.

-Nikita Bhot


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