The Churchgate and Heritage Mile Walk


Step back into time to discover the triumphs & tribulations that went into the creation of the fascinating heritage of Mumbai.

This walk takes you into the heart of the old Fort. Explore the White Town or the European half of the old town that existed within the Fort walls. We begin the walk at F.W.Stevens gothic masterpiece, the grand Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus also known as the Victoria Terminus. Then walk down D.N.Road, also called the Heritage Mile of Mumbai, while admiring one of the oldest parts of the city and make our way to the ornate Flora Fountain. Here take a minute to soak in the atmosphere of one of the busiest precincts of Mumbai.

Next just a hop, skip and jump away lies the historic art district of Kala Ghoda with its many Gothic buildings and numerous art galleries creating a charm that is unmatched in Mumbai. Move onto the Oval Maidan where in a great phalanx lie the Old Secretariat, University Library and Convocation Hall, High Court building , the old PWD building and Telegraph Department, a truly imperial vision like a fleet of massive stone battleships, monolithic, awe-inspiring and supremely self confident.Once they faced out across the sea in silent tribute to the naval power that built them. As a group they coalesce to form an impressively romantic skyline and they bequeathed an identity and style to the city that is unique to Mumbai.

Finally take Veer Nariman Road (the former Churchgate Street) down to Marine Drive to enjoy a fantastic view of the Art Deco Skyline that has become an identity of Mumbai the world over.