That Day @ Andharban


That day at #Andharban

She was walking,
halting every five minutes
just to get enough of the pastel green.
After all those hundreds of expeditions,
she had finally landed up here,
totally mesmerized
by the darkness in the mid-noon.
Fingers crossed,
for she didn’t know how to behold the beauty so majestic.

In the maze of jungle she walked,
with waterfalls crossing her way,
the trail too narrow to allow only two people to walk together,
sometimes one.

She looked around,
and found herself in the grip of the forests,
the vast and the dense.
She could give up her everything
to spend a life in these woods.

Occasionally, some locals would pass her,
grinning and making her smile.
How different it would be,
to live in the lap of nature and to breathe in the unadulterated oxygen.

She was confused before signing up for this trek,
and now she wondered,
how it would have been, with no memories of the Andharban,
and the sole thought made her feel incomplete.

‘Andhar’, dark, and ‘ban’, forest,
rightly so, because even while walking in the broad daylight,
the trees will hide the sunlight from you.
And it will be dark for some three quarters, and suddenly,
there will come vast lands, and open grounds,
making you admire what a normal daylight could do.
It is only in the dark that one sees the light. :)

Sometimes I stopped and looked at the sky,
and then gazed horizontally at the forest we were walking in,
and then, at the nadir,
where the streams flowed through the trees.
The denser I moved,
the closer I moved towards myself,
and it was like discovering what had been hidden behind those masks,
like the canopies I was passing through,
hidden from the busy light of the city.

I felt calmed, settled,
free of any running thoughts,
and so do I feel now,
when my fingers typed the words,
trying to describe that voyage.

Come, visit it,
it will grow a new see in your heart too,
like it did, in mine,
a seed of inner beauty :)

With love,
Team Mumbai Rangers

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