They say, good times and crazy friends make the best memories ? – Tour to Kass Plateau


They say, good times and crazy friends make the best memories

We started for the tour to the Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra, the Kaas Plateau,
Running through the ghat
At early dawn
When it was morning dark.

With the blinking eyes,
We soon reached the county,
And it felt as if the chilled winds passed through every cell of the body, cold as an early winter morning.

With the best ever breakfast, we started towards the valley, unaware that we would soon be creating memories that will stay for a time, longer than the spring.



The fields were filled with beds of flowers,
Of the colours defined and not,
The skies were running,
Ecstatic about the colours on the land,
And so were we

We were standing near the waterfall,
And the cool breeze bought with it,
The memories of a forgotten time


You know up there
Its a feeling that is unmatched,
A feeling that you try to describe,
But the words always fail.
To know it and feel,
You have to be up,
With the blooming flowers and the flowing winds.

And now that we were,
Have been,
Up there,
I think we can connect to each other,
In the ways that we always wanted to,
Like the lost travelers who finally found home

And it was apparent from our bus ride back to the heated city.
We played Mafia,
With selfish doctors and the witty detectives 😀,
We played Damsharas,
Like we were the SRK of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ,
We played cards,
Sang till our throat refused another word,
And laughed until the bus dropped us back.
The laughter then changed to a sweet smile and we said our goodbyes.

Some memories, they stay for a while,
While some,
They form an imprint, the marks of which will always remain :)

We found our little imprint that day


Till we meet again,
Up there

By Akansha Gupta


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