Our Team


            Chinmay Joshi – Lead

3d retail Designer by profession. Immense love for Travelling, Trekking, Photography, Food & Culture. This trekking Keeda started when i did my first trek @ naneghat in 2009.
Since then it was too hard to get rid of Sahyadri Nasha … A Happy go lucky & Hardworking person. hence believe in Happy trekking & Travel makes you alive .

More about him…. Travel bee, he would happily zoo in anything starting with T. Our creative head, he takes modesty in our spellboundedness that spreads over our faces seeing his creativity. A pakka Marathi speaker, you would simply love his company whether you know Marathi or not.










  Arun Kumar Lead







I am Yoga professional in Mumbai. I started my trekking with Mumbai Rangers in 2015. Now I am Mountain Snack.
Done Himalyan trekking Devriya Tal, Chandrashila, Tunganath, Gomukh.

I love Forest, Open space, nature, smell of soil, fragrance of plant and grass.
Interesting thing is to make balance on rock like we make balance in life.
For me this is big lesson to handle life.

I like former cooking style, people’s dress, conversation, hospitality while they are less educate,
hand pump’s fresh water, fresh fruit.







    Rishi  Patel Lead







Apart from being a Data Scientist, Rishi is a wanderer, writer, dancer and actor. Overall, a friendly and complete entertainment package.

Started off as a solo trekker on Peb Vikatgad, he has trekked the most difficult mountains and travelled the most unknown villages of the four directions of India including Gujarat, Leh, Orissa, Kerala and made himself an ambivert.
Rishi finally found love in the Sahyadris and is now a leader at Mumbai-Rangers.
He believes that each mountain, valley and river holds a transcendental experience beyond explanation.
His motto: Adventures are always calling, you must go every weekend.