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1. What should we wear for Trek ?
Ans. Any Sports Shoes will do, but ” Action Trekking ” shoes are preferred.

2. Is Jain Food Available ?
Ans. NO

3. What kind of clothes should one wear ?
Ans.We always recommend wearing full length clothes. Dry fit will be preferable. Avoid tight clothing jeans etc

4. What do you mean by grading of Treks?
Ans. We have given the gradation to Treks
Easy Grade treks – Ideal to start with.
We always recommend First Timers to start with easy graded treks but if you are
physically fit you can even opt for Medium Grade treks where the level of physical
fitness required is little higher.

Medium graded treks one need to be physically fit.
Apart from this, in few treks Endurance level means stamina (Low, Medium, and High) is also mentioned.
This information will ease the selection of treks.

5.Why don’t you provide sleeping bags for the Sahyadri treks too?
Ans. Simply because in the Sahyadri, sleeping bags, while preferable, are not a must.
So we leave the option of using one to you. Blankets also help in few cases

6.What about protection from the rain ?
Ans. You need to carry good quality rain proof clothing to protect yourself from the rain.
While trekking, it is more important to protect your sack and its contents than yourself from rain.
A simple solution to keep yourself AND your sack dry is to use a ‘poncho’.
These basically comprise of sheets of plastic which are large enough to
cover yourself and your sack at the same time.

7. Can you pay cash or on the spot payment ?

Ans. NO Sorry. Only Online Payments are accepted .

8. Till When can we register ?
Ans. Entries or Registrations are accepted on First Come first serve basis

9. What if my Questions are not answered here ?
Ans. Kindly write an email to we will get back to you.


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