A zesty Bike-Ride to the Scary Vihangam Waterfall


On a full moon day

somewhere amidst the sleepy houses
sound of vrooming engines came on the calm roads

On a rare full moon night
steps of beauteous Leopard
startled the sight
with stars twinkling bright

Clock: 0600 hours
Empty lanes of Kalamboli, were soon to be sparkled with the sounds of tyres

not were they, made of steel
nor were they, of different breed
belongings of their, was of known seed
hearts of those, were of dreamy zeal

They were the riders-
the sturdy Bike-Riders of the six roads
Lanes were different, from where they came
spirits of range, from the pious game

With soulful sights of the destination, the bikes banged on for-one-passion
Tummy full-tank at Wadkhal, poha-sheera-idli-wada plus plus tea-coffee

And the daamer-roads of ever-changing NH17
wondering was I, the routes were free for all the rides
Trucks to buses- or bikes to auto
a free will, a free sight
and someone truly said-
Its not the fall how tight
but the way how you fight

Soon the ghats of Kashedi greeted the speed

the valley across engulfing all strain
and a soothing air of peace, so passed through
from Mangaon to ghats
or ghats to Kokam-Amlasharbatwala
the mesmerizing curves were on the high, the path of NH66 were not to sigh

Far were the smiling riders,
waiting for the co., on the edge of Ratnagirirow
Just a lane left, was the awaited dream
Call it a yummy food
or the sleep on the homely floor-
or the kheer-effect
it was home
home for all- sky touching trees, soothing mountains, beautiful birds,

shooting stars on the eye-of-moon, in Sangmeshwar

Unloading the bikes, for an off-roading ride, clock ticked 1600 hours wide
Bags on the back, stars on the sack
they went on for the fire on the rack
Sudden, a torch-light came fast, were those the villagers from past
crossing the dried stream, across bridge, was the ant-hill

Lost in Vihangam night, one saw a lady in white
silent were the footsteps, and via moon-light, they reached the height

That was the green hut, and a round fire, add-on to the desi-food
Steady songs were on, illusions were gone
with ghost stories of Wilson Ron


Time ticking 2100 hours
From a far-seen light, came a friendly villager for chit-chat
and the tale came of one more visitor-
our Leopard dada, who was seen wandering last night, under the moon bright

Eyes were crossed, sticks were formed, & the brave-hearts yawned,
with a feelcan be of storm
With random six checks, on the enlightened fire, came the Sun

Day2: 0600 hours
A Sun, never seen so high, a morning so fresh
behind mountains, the clouds flowing, smiles of birds, sips of hot-teas

and laughs of mischievous buddies
Clicks of birds, and the platoon marched for a foot-ride towards the waterfall

From the ups of rocks, to the downs of shrubs, crossing a small flow
there was that- crystal clear Dodhawane waterfall of Vihangam

On the way to the fall, strong standing Prachitgad fort can be located at the left
Front was the vast Chandoli Tiger Reserve
as per locale, the river flowing on the right is known as Shastririver,
on which the magnificent waterfall is.

Thoughts of seconds, and there were the free souls- flowing, playing, deep fall-diving

or climbing the fall peak, Whatt A View It Was
Handful of memories, lots of yummy food, shots of coconut water, pineapple trees or spices
with the blessings of village kaki, bags were packed, bikes geared up
for a journey not easily-forgettable

.Were they just the Bikers
.or the Mountain-lovers
.the Night-campers
.or just Strangers

That was the day, when six Brave-hearts met.